Presented by Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Lisa Mullinax, these seminars are for dog owners, dog walkers, vet techs, shelter workers and rescue volunteers, trainers looking to switch to reward-based training, or anyone seeking a greater understanding of our canine companions. 

All lectures include video examples and written materials, so attendees can apply what they've learned right away with their own dogs.  Live demonstrations may be available, if appropriate.


Choose one topic for a quick, 3-hour lecture, or combine topics for a full day of dog training and behavior information for your private group or hold an open event as a fundraiser for your non-profit rescue or shelter!

Contact Lisa for more information.


DOG TRAINING 2.0: Everything You Wanted To Know About Reward-Based Training

Whether you are training your first dog or are an experienced dog lover who is skeptical about reward-based methods, there is much to learn at this seminar.  Topics covered include:

  • Dog Psychology vs. Science
  • Myths and Mantras
  • Common Training Mistakes
  • What To Do When Things Go Wrong
  • Do You Reward Aggression?
  • Baby, Don't Fear The Clicker
  • Take Your Training To A New Level
  • You Can't Change the Past - Letting Go Of Guilt

Don't be one of those left behind as zoos, animal parks, service dog organizations and others move into the 21st century.  Discover the limitless possibilities of reward-based training!

Good for the novice and experienced handler.  Skeptics welcome!


ASK THE DOG TRAINER: An Open Discussion About Dogs, Training & Behavior

Have you ever wanted to sit down with a dog trainer and just pick their brain?  Now you can!

Presented by Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Lisa Mullinax, this is a rare opportunitity to ask about your dog, or just dog behavior in general.  Training problems, attention problems, even behavior problems - this talk is not limited to any subject matter!  Get tips on holiday preparations and more!


AGGRESSION 101:  Myths, Facts, and Practical Solutions

There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding aggressive behavior in dogs. Lisa dispels the myths and explains how to predict and prevent aggression.

  • Causes of aggressive behavior
  • Socialization - what is it and will it help after the fact?
  • Common mistakes made by dog owners
  • Emergency management techniques
  • Desensitization techniques
  • Practical strategies for busy lives

LEASH MONSTERS:  Overcoming On-Leash Aggression

Is your dog the best dog ever...except when he sees other dogs on walks? Are you a member of the Midnight Walkers Club, avoiding times when other dogs are out and about?

Are you a dog walker, pet sitter, or other pet professional wanting to learn more about this common behavior problem? Then this seminar is for you!

  • Causes of on-leash aggression
  • Socialization - what is it and will it help?
  • Common mistakes made by dog owners
  • Emergency management techniques
  • Desensitization techniques
  • Practical strategies for busy lives

STRANGER DANGER: Fear of Strangers

Is your dog is AFRAID of the vet, has she SNAPPED at well-meaning dog lovers who just want to say "hi," does he BARK non-stop at visitors or is she just a SHY wallflower who takes a while to warm up to new people? Then this is the seminar for you?

  • What causes fear/aggression toward strangers?
  • Does a bite have to be a death sentence?
  • Does your dog just need to be around more people?
  • Will your dog ever get over it?
  • How to introduce your dog to new people
  • How to manage your dog's environment to prevent problems
  • Exercises to help your dog overcome his/her fear


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