Our training classes for adolescent and adult dogs are a great way to teach your dog good manners. 
***All classes for 2012 have filled***


Flexible Classes for Your Busy Schedule

A new type of dog training class!  No longer will you need to plan six to eight weeks in advance to attend. Our Training Membership allows you to attend classes at different days and times.  No more missed classes. 

Each membership includes unlimited classes, so you can focus on the lessons where you and your dog need the most help, while still learning all the basics every dog needs to be a well-behaved companion. 

More details coming December 1st!


My dog barks at other dogs on walks, will your class fix that?

No. Group classes are not an appropriate learning environment to address this behavior, regardless of whether the barking is caused by excitement, fear or aggression. Read why.

My dog has started acting aggressively toward other dogs or people, should I take him to class?

No. Group classes are not an appropriate learning environment to address this behavior.   Aggressive behavior in dogs can have many different causes and the right program varies considerably for each dog.  For this reason, aggressive behavior must be addressed in private lessons

I attended training at another school.  Do I still have to start at the beginning?

Yes!  No two training schools are alike.  Some use different methods and some teach different exercises.  Students who have taken other classes will find plenty of challenges in the Basic Manners class. 

How long is each class?

Each class is approximately 45 minutes long, which we have found to be the optimal length of time for dogs learning new behaviors in a group setting.

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